My Mother is an incredible cook. We had the great fortune of being served creative, delicious and healthy suppers, and my packed lunches at school were always revered amongst my friends. However for all those years that I lived at home, I spent what amounted to zero time with her in the kitchen, only realizing the tragic error of my ways when I moved out with my boyfriend and into our tiny flat in London. I was an utter mess in the kitchen, and often the mere idea of pulling together a supposedly simple meal sent me running to the ready-meal section at Marks & Spencer faster that you can imagine. For years my poor boyfriend hated risotto, thinking that it was supposed to be crunchy. Calls to my Mother in the desperate hope that she could fix my latest recipe abortion were sadly common.


Fast forward a few years and I am now a mother myself, of two gorgeous little girls living in the insanely beautiful British Columbia. My cooking skills have improved immensely and am at this point thinking that I am on my way to becoming a domestic goddess until, after a few years of living in apartments we move into a house with, (can you believe it) a YARD!! Shock & horror. Here we go again. I failed to also mention that my mother is not only a fabulous cook, but is a skilled ninja in the garden. (She learnt from my Nana, who’s own garden was a thing of awe.) I really, really tried to have a garden that was worthy of Martha’s seal of approval, but with little money & very little knowledge I failed miserably. On one of my Mum’s visits to Canada she stood in front of a newly planted Hydrangea & said “Sacha, you do realize that the name Hydrangea contains the word ‘hydra’, which means water. I think maybe it needs some”


Today, my little girls are now not so little, and I can sail through a dinner party without much of a sweat, however I am still rather desperate to get my gardening badge.


I started this blog as my own project to educate myself about gardening in small spaces, growing my own food and to document my process as I do so. Food is such an important part of my world. I believe strongly in sitting together as a family & with friends & honouring the connections that we make in those brief times. I am so thankful that I was raised that way. Candles are lit every night for dinner always. More importantly, now I realize the impact that we can all make if we take just even the smallest steps to reconnect to our roots and learn how to grow our own food. In order to sustain ourselves, as well as this incredible place that we call Earth. This for me, is my challenge, only because my thumbs are yet to turn their lovely shade of green,  but I do know that what we put in, we get out so I’m ready! My mission is to combine my love of food  & design, & my seedling knowledge of small space gardening all in one place, and I would love it if you would join me on my journey. Subscribe to my email list, & follow along on Pinterest & Twitter.


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