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The Signature of All Things

My discovery of Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book “The Signature of All Things” couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. (Thanks to my latest obsession with all things moss, I stumbled upon the book at Moss Stone Garden’s Blog. The company by the way have really fab moss pebble rocks – should you be short on ideas for gifts, even if for yourself.)

The girls and I are going back to England for Christmas, and amidst all of the magic and at times, the chaos I was hoping to find some escape, and this may just be the ticket. I fell in love with Elizabeth Gilbert twice. The first time was when, shortly after my own divorce I devoured Eat, Love, Pray, and was utterly gob smacked, when in the middle of the book I realized that the ashram that Elizabeth was staying at in India was the exact same one that I had been to when I was eighteen! The second time was after watching her TED talk on the “Elusive Creative Genius.” There is something about her self deprecating, yet articulate & insightful perception that I find completely engrossing.

I’ve also decided that buying this on kindle just won’t cut it. I have a feeling that tactility will be an essential part of the journey that I will take with the character, so am prepared to lug it on the plane all the way back to England.




The Signature of All Things, by Elizabeth Gilbert

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